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Monats-Archiv: September 2017

Five Items On Your Resume Recruiters Notice First

Quelle: Forbes - 5 Items Brand Names Top schools, Fortune 500 companies, household brands, and hot start-ups. Recruiters’ preferences depend on the search. At the executive level, top schools still carry weight but not as much at this stage of the career as recent companies. For a recent graduate, the school brand matters more because there is less other information. If the role is for a fast-growth newer company, a history with successful start-ups may be preferred over even Fortune 500 companies. If the search is for a large company, then Fortune 500 names will carry the day. Keywords Recruiters search for specific keywords: technical skills like software or programming languages, certifications like the CPA or PMP, and functional skills like direct response for a specialized marketing search or regression analysis for a data analyst position. Chronology Recruiters zero in on gaps, short tenures, and lack of progression. A gap in the middle of an otherwise solid career is less of an issue than a recent…


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